Our challenges

What can we do to improve "our customers' satisfaction"?
We have received a lot of valuable feedback and impressions from our customers who purchased ours products at our stores and online shop, and based on them, we have repeatedly taken on challenges to create new products.
These challenges will never end.
We will continue to pursue "customer satisfaction" and take on new challenges every day.

Health management

In February 2021, we became the first company in Miyagi Prefecture to acquire the DBJ Health Management Rating. The fact that our daily initiatives were highly rated brought us joy. This acknowledges our goal since the founding of the company to become a company which values people. It also led us to inspire ourselves to be even more focused on the specific initiatives for fostering the next generation.
In addition to providing regular health checkups and the existing initiatives for lifestyle disease prevention, mental healthcare, and harassment prevention, we have expanded the framework to support our employees' mental and physical health by holding study sessions on diseases led by the newly hired female industrial physician. These new initiatives were recognized, and in March 2024, we were included in the 2024 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations (Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Category) (Bright 500).

Environmental consideration

As a food manufacturing factory, we are working on the initiatives with an awareness of renewable energy. In November 2023, we installed solar panels on the rooftop of our Kadonowaki Factory, using the solar power for part of the electricity required for manufacturing. In addition, by making CO2 emissions visible, we were able to improve awareness at the workplace level.
Also, with the aim of reducing the emission of CFC, which is a type of greenhouse gas, we are replacing all the freezers and refrigerators used at the factories. Step by step, we will aim to steadily make the manufacturing environment in harmony with the environment.

Contribution to the local community

Many residents of Miyagi Prefecture, particularly people from the local Ishinomaki area, work at the manufacturing sites of Shiraken. We want to create a bright future for the local community by making it vibrant. Also, the local community has been supporting our company for many years, so after the Great East Japan Earthquake, we have been expressing our gratitude to the local community in many different ways.
One example is the park located near the Kadonowaki Factory. Many customers visit our Kadonowaki Factory Store with small children, and we always wanted to provide more space for the children to play as much as they want when they visit the store. Therefore, we redeveloped the land adjacent to the factory into a park, installing a monument of Kichiji and playground equipment, and then donated it to Ishinomaki City. The park will also be used as a place for taking a break and for promoting the health of our employees. Please stop by the park when you come to the Kadonowaki Factory.