Site policy

Before using the Shiraken Kamaboko Ten Co., Ltd.'s website, please read through the following terms of use (hereinafter referred to as "Terms"). Please use the Website only if you agree to the Terms. The details of the Terms may be changed without approval from the customer. Please confirm the current Terms. If you intend to use Shiraken Kamaboko Ten's e-commerce site, please read through the terms of use for Shiraken Online shop.

Handling of personal information

The Company will handle and mange personal information in an appropriate manner in accordance with the privacy policy.

Responsibility for managing the login ID and password

The Company will issue a login ID and password to customers who register at the Shiraken Kamaboko Ten My Page. The customer is fully responsible for the management and use of the login ID and password.

Withdrawal of eligibility as a Shiraken Kamaboko Ten My Page member/ refusal of service

If an act by a customer corresponds to any of the following, Shiraken Kamaboko Ten may withdraw the eligibility as a Shiraken Kamaboko Ten My Page member, refuse to provide services, suspend the use of the login ID and password, or refuse product purchase orders from the customer, without prior notice to or consent from the customer.

  1. When false information has been registered
  2. When the login ID or password is used fraudulently or a third party has been caused to use them
  3. When payment obligation is delayed or not performed
  4. When it becomes impossible to contact the customer by telephone, fax, e-mail or other means
  5. When any of the Terms is violated
  6. When otherwise Shiraken Kamaboko Ten deems the customer to be inappropriate as a member


Customers may not engage in any of the following acts.

  1. An act in violation of laws, regulations or ordinances
  2. An act that will hinder the operation of the Website
  3. An act that defames others on the Website
  4. An act that will infringe an intellectual property right or other rights of the Company or a third party
  5. Making a false entry when registering information for a product purchase
  6. Other acts in violation of the Terms

Intellectual property rights

  1. The corporate marks displayed on the Website and trademarks (including trademarks, service marks and logo marks), as well as the copyrights, trademark rights and intellectual property rights for the character pictures, images, texts, music, program data and other data, belong to the Company, in principle. Therefore, it is prohibited by law for a customer to use or copy of all or part of such data without permission from the Company.
  2. If the Company or a third party suffers damage as a result of a violation of the provision in the preceding paragraph by a customer, the customer is responsible for providing compensation for such damage to the Company or third party.

Change, suspension, or discontinuation of the information on the Website

The Company may change the information on the Website or otherwise suspend or discontinue the operation of the Website without giving prior notice to or obtaining approval from users in the event the Company determines it is necessary to change the information provided on the Website or suspend the use thereof for system maintenance/ failure, fire/ power outage, disasters such as an earthquake, or other reasons related to the operation/ technology. The Company will not be responsible for any damage suffered by the customers resulting from such suspension or discontinuation.


It is free to link to Shiraken Kamaboko Ten's homepage, in principle, as long as these instructions are complied with; provided, however, we ask you to refrain from setting the link such that only a part of the data in the Website is linked and the original design of the Shiraken Kamaboko Ten's webpage is altered, or such that it is not clear if it is linked to the Website and may mislead third parties, including displaying the Website within a frame. Also, the Company shall not be responsible for damage or other matters in relation to an infringement of third party rights or other circumstances that occur on the website to which the Website is linked.
The purpose of setting a link is to promote the public nature of the information. We will decline links that are likely to result in a loss of social trust in the Company or when the Company is likely to suffer economic loss. Even after the Company permits the setting of a link, the Company may withdraw the permission if the contents of the subject website are changed and no longer fit the intent of the Company.
Shiraken Kamaboko Ten may change the URL assigned to the link at its own discretion. Please note that the Company will not be able to notify the people who have contacted the Company in regards to setting a link.

Governing law and competent court of jurisdiction

  1. The Terms shall be governed by the laws of Japan.
  2. In the event a dispute arises between a customer and the Company in relation to the Website or Terms, the Sendai District Court shall be the exclusive competent court of jurisdiction.


  1. In relation to the information transmitted by customers, the Company shall take no responsibility for damage resulting from a fault not attributable to the Company, such as an omitted entry, incorrect e-mail address, and illegible or scrambled characters.
  2. The Company shall take no responsibility for any system related damage (regardless of whether hardware or software) that occurs when a customer uses the Website.
  3. The Website uses an encryption technology called SSL for the screens in which personal information is input; however, the Company does not guarantee the safety thereof. The Company shall take no responsibility for any damage caused through no fault of the Company.

Updates to the "Site policy" page

The Company may change the contents of the "Site policy" page without prior notice. Please check this page before using the Website.