Sasa-kamabokoBamboo leaf shaped kamaboko

Products List

  • Sasa-kamaboko Shu

    The best quality kamaboko made by craftsmen who have mastered the skill of kamaboko making.

  • Sasa-kamaboko Kaiyo

    Made with less salt while maintaining the delicious taste.

  • Sasa-kamaboko Gokujo

    Plump texture and subtle sweetness.
    The delicate taste with the scent of the ocean makes this kamaboko the best of its kind.

  • Sasa-kamaboko Tokujo

    It is a little smaller than Gokujo.
    It cooks quickly and has a pleasant smell.


Products List

  • Mini Sasa-kamaboko

    It may be small in size, but it has full-sized taste. It is a cute little kamaboko, nice for a snack or with a drink.

  • Mini Sasa-kamaboko
    with Cheese

    The mild flavor of the cheese blends well with the fresh taste of sasa-kamaboko.

  • Mini Sasa-kamaboko
    with Onions

    The crispy texture of the onions provides a nice accent.

  • Mini Sasa-kamaboko
    with Shiso and Sesame Seeds

    A flavourful kamaboko with aromatic shiso (Japanese basil) and sesame seeds.