Mushi-kamabokoSteamed kamaboko

Products List

  • Cheese Ita

    Small, authentic tasting Ita-kamaboko.
    The flavor of the cheese is fully brought out.

  • Gyoza KamabokoOnly available in Jan.-May.

    Gyoza filling is wrapped with the skin made from kamaboko.
    Ginger flavored Japanese-style Gyoza dumplings made using Oshu Iwai Dori Chicken.

  • Hinode Kamaboko

    Kamaboko on a wooden board shaped like the "Hinode" (sunrise) is essential for New Year's. It is an excellent kamaboko made with utmost care by highly-skilled craftsmen using only carefully selected fresh ingredients.

  • Narutomaki

    It has a smooth texture and delicate taste with a rich fish flavor.