Our philosophy
on technique

Shiraken's kamaboko requires select ingredients, a hygienic manufacturing environment, and skilled professionals. Without ever being satisfied with the current taste of our kamaboko, we support the succession of skills and acquisition of national qualification for our professionals in order to create kamaboko that will satisfy our customers.

Foster professionals
with national qualifications

Shiraken is putting efforts into fostering professionals, in addition to our commitment to the ingredients. Although mechanization has advanced at the manufacturing sites, we still depend on human skills when checking the state of the fish meat, grilling, frying, and steaming the surimi (fish paste). In order to manufacture kamaboko that will truly satisfy our customers and make them want to eat it again rather than manufacturing for satisfying ourselves, it is important to improve the constantly evolving skills every day.

Currently, Shiraken employs about 20 professionals who have acquired the national qualification "Certified Skilled Professionals of Fish Paste Making." Acquisition of Level 2 requires five years of experience, and Level 1 requires 10 years. In addition to written examinations on sanitation, application of heat, and bacteria, the examinees are required to pass the skill exam of "manufacturing kamaboko from raw fish by using just one knife." Shiraken employs one of the largest number of qualified professionals in the industry. They can also be said to be our hope for passing down the taste of Shiraken to future generations.

The company pays all of the expenses required for taking the national qualification "Certified Skilled Professionals of Fish Paste Making." Experienced professionals also educate the younger employees every day. In recent years, fewer manufacturers procure unfrozen raw fish, so it is difficult to procure raw fish for improving skill levels. Taking and passing the certification exam makes us proud as a kamaboko manufacturer and gives us the strength to maintain our motivation.