Our philosophy
on food safety

The Kadonowaki Factory, which manufactures most of our Sasa-kamaboko, has one of the world's most sanitary and safe facilities. Fresh air is brought in 96 times an hour, and the temperature and humidity are also controlled. In order to maintain the highly clean condition, in addition to the tangible measures, intangible measures are also being taken, including employee education on health management for the prevention of infectious diseases and actions to be taken when infected based on the BCP for infectious diseases.

New ventilation
and hygiene management

Kadonowaki Factory has ventilation that takes in fresh air 96 times per hour. The air inside the factory is filtered 6 times with the dense filters that do not allow viruses or bacteria to enter. This is done continuously 24 hours a day.
Generally, other food factories use sanitizers to kill bacteria before sealing the package; however, the Kadonowaki Factory has clean air all the time thanks to this ventilation equipment. There is no need to use any sanitizers.

Because bacteria is a living organism, it is unable to grow without water. By keeping the inside of the factory as dry as possible, bacteria are not permitted to thrive. Since we handle fish meat, the machines and equipment used to make surimi will naturally contain more bacteria. We prevent the bacteria from spreading by thoroughly cleaning, sterilizing and drying these machines and equipment. Because the reproduction rate differs depending on the temperature, air conditioning is used to manage the temperature at 20 degrees or less.

Strict product checks

Based on our unique strict criteria, we perform verifications and inspections at public institutions in addition to internal inspections performed during the product inspection process. We have acquired certifications related to quality and business continuity management.

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 22301:2019
  • Excellent Food Hygiene Facility
    (Japan Food Hygiene Association)
  • Step 2 certification under the Miyagi Certification System for Self-Management of Food Hygiene (Miyagi HACCP)