Our philosophy
on ingredients

When you receive the authentic, delicious sasa-kamaboko, take a bite while it is still fresh.
Shiraken's kamaboko is soft and plump. The perfect amount of salt brings out the umami and sweetness of the fish. Our kamaboko is carefully made using strictly selected ingredients.

Taste and strict selection
of the ingredients

The Shiraken call center and our stores receive a lot of feedback and impressions from our customers every day. It is our mission to continue providing the "Shiraken taste" that always satisfy our customers, while balancing the traditional taste, characteristic taste of the ingredients, and constantly changing customer preferences. We are working to make minor changes to the taste of our products based on the seasons and create a taste that will always satisfy our customers.

We are thoroughly committed to the raw material surimi and only use select ingredients, such as salt and other seasonings. We always pursue the best taste while passing down the tradition. In addition, we perceive the slight changes in the seasons and the weather, and make timely, appropriate, and delicate adjustments that can only be done by highly skilled professionals. Enjoy the taste created by the combination of our ingredients and skills.

It requires at least 5 years of experience to be certified as a grade 2 Certified Skilled Professional of Fish Paste Making and 10 years to be certified as grade 1. In the examination for the certification, in addition to the written test of knowledge such as sanitation, application of heat and bacteria, there is a skill test to "make kamaboko from raw fish using just one knife" that must be passed. Shiraken has 21 Certified Skilled Professionals of Fish Paste Making, placing us in the top class within the industry.


Kichijibroadbanded thornyhead

Kichiji is a white fish with a characteristic red body and big eyes. It is also called "Kinki" or "Kinkin," and a high-grade fish. Fish caught off the shore of Japan are traded at especially high prices. Since Kichiji is fatty fish, it tastes good both when it is simmered, as well as when it is butterflied and dried. After eating grilled Kichiji, the leftover head and bones can be grilled again and placed in hot water to make a soup. This soup is delicious as well.

Sun-dried sea salt

Salt is essential for kamaboko, not only for seasoning but also for the plump texture. Shiraken uses sun-dried sea salt, which is rich in mineral.

Original cheese

"Cheese Ita" and "Mini Sasa-kamaboko with Cheese" are popular products which incorporate small pieces of diced cheese. This very mild, easy-to-eat cheese is actually a "Shiraken original." We conducted a joint research with a major dairy product manufacturer to create this cheese that can be enjoyed even by people who don't like cheese. It is a perfect match for kamaboko because the flavor is brought out by steaming and grilling the kamaboko.


All the vegetables used in "Shiraken Age with Vegetables" are grown in Japan and seasonal, and only fresh, carefully selected vegetables are used.

Canola oil

Shiraken's deep-fried kamaboko can be eaten without reheating and still taste light and delicious. The secret is the oil used for deep-frying. We use high quality canola oil, and carefully remove excess oil with a filter cloth after frying.