When you open the refrigerator, sasa-kamaboko is always there.
It is a common scene seen in the local area for kids to nibble on a sasa-kamaboko as snack and for adults to eat it while drinking.
That is how much sasa-kamaboko has become a part of the food culture in Miyagi Prefecture.

Our wish is to continue the tradition of sasa-kamaboko inherited from previous generations and pass it down to future generation.
It is because of our focus on the delicious taste that we use Kichiji freshly landed at the fishing ports along the Sanriku Coast and trim each and every fish with the utmost care.

Shiraken Kamaboko Ten has been in business for over 100 years thanks to the support of our customers.
While maintaining the tradition, we will continue to take on new challenges with the aim of achieving customer "satisfaction."

Tetsuya Shirade
Representative Director and President